Mishor 3D - IP Sale Process


Mishor 3D is currently in the process of selling its IP and and all related products and other assets to any interested party.

What Mishor is offering for sale is as follows:

  • The granted patent (US 8,503,762 B2), which covers “Projecting Location Based Elements Over a Heads Up Display”.
  • 2 additional provisional patent applications (61/908,764, 61/922,820).
  • ShadowBox 2.1 SDK Release – our latest commercial SW release, including all source code, documentation, development tools and basic support.
  • The Smart Glasses related application.
  • Any other related company assets, knowledge and product elements.

For further details please contact us at:

info@mishor3d.com or oren.marmur@mishor3d.com

or at +972-52-4006998